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My name is Laura Moussakhani. I have been working with kids my entire career. I’ve been on both sides of this journey. As a parent, and as a Child Advocate, Counselor, Parent/Teen Coach.  I am currently acting as a Guardian ad Litem through the Clay County Courts in Florida.  Realizing that your child might need to be placed somewhere is an overwhelming reality to both you and your child. Let me partner with you. Help identify your needs, and possibly intervene before therapeutic school becomes your reality. My company and team can guide you through these tumultuous waters, because we’ve been in your shoes. I started this venture with the mindset of changing lives...one child at a time. 


My Experience

I am a member of several professional educational consultant organizations, counseling groups and conference speakers across the country. Each year, I attend a variety of webinars and conferences to better help my clients with the admission process. Education Consultants come in to play when the journey becomes overwhelming with your child. 


More about me...

When I'm not working with clients, I enjoy spending time with my amazing kids and extended family, pampering my two beautiful poodles and cooking. 


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