Your senses are on alert.  Your child is on the precipice of disaster drifting ever closer to an adulthood shackled by the consequence of negative influence and poor decision making.  This is not a place you ever expected to be and you are convinced your child is equally uncomfortable here.  

By the grace of God we connected with Laura.  She was our lifeline in unchartered waters, the buoy we tethered to in our emotional quest for direction.  She proved instrumental in guiding us towards an environment ideally suited to our child’s needs.  

Consider a conversation with her --- she genuinely cares!  

A grandmother’s testimony, October 2017

"We are working with an intensive teen counselor/coach and she is working wonders! She talks to our daughter almost everyday by phone and also with me by phone, email, text. I think she has done more to help our daughter in the past week than her other counselor did in a year. Her name is Laura  Moussakhani of Charted Waters. She is part of a network of counselors who are an alternative to placing your child in a boarding school or short term residential program. She is a Christian as well and focuses on the parent's agenda for their child while coaching the child into recognizing their needs and how to get them met properly and restore relationships." March 2018


Laura Moussakhani is a wonderful and effective intensive counseling and coaching resource, providing an affordable and desirable alternative to placing your troubled or at-risk child in a boarding school or residential program. It is a blessing to work with a professional who encompasses strong faith values, and who is able to focus on the parent's expectations for their child or teen, while encouraging and coaching kids into recognizing their own needs and how to get them properly met. Laura helps families restore relationships and learn better ways of coping and communicating. She is very well received by kids and very reassuring to parents who are at their most vulnerable. She makes herself available by video chat, phone, email, and texting so that both child and parent feel connected and supported when needed. Laura is also skilled at developing a loving but firm rapport with even the most resistant teen, and is able to quickly begin challenging kids to grow emotionally and start to revive their lives and relationships. Her sense of humor and calm resolve help kids who feel out of control find their sense of emotional balance. I can faithfully recommend her services because I am a parent who was desperate to help my child and Laura has been a life-line!

Karen, Minnesota (May 2018)

From the kids...


Florida, 15

 A text I received from one of my kiddos!  This made my heart sing.  ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 7/1/19
I could say thank you a million times and it still wouldn’t be enough  to show you how much I appreciate you. No words could describe how  honestly happy you make me and I don’t know what I would’ve done if I  hadn’t met you. I haven’t even known you that long but you’re like a  second mom to me. You make me feel safe and you’re always there for me  if I need help. Because of you I know that there are good  people in the world, because if there were no good people you wouldn’t  be here. (because ur pretty freaking awesome). I look forward to  spending time with you, which sounds stupid but I do. I also do actually  think of you as my best friend, which also sounds stupid cause you’re  not even my age but whatever. I don’t go a day without thinking about  you and how much you’ve helped me. I don’t know how you actually feel  about me, but I sure do know I care about you a lot. You’re my favorite  person ever. I love you but sry for making u read this cuz it was long  and unnecessary. 🙂 I’m literally about to cry right now cuz I freaking love you so  dang  much you the bestest and also I don’t know if ur already asleep but  goodnight lol