Parent Coaching


Do you feel you have tried everything?

We have a proven methodology to working with your teenager so that the family can stay intact. Sometimes it just takes someone from the outside, with a different perspective.  With our coaching technique, each child is taken through a process of recovery from the strongholds of bad behavior with an emphasis on Progress and NOT Perfection, with each plan designed to set the child up for success, and not failure.  

Ask for our parenting questionnaire?

Feel free to reach out to us and ask for a parenting questionnaire.  One of our advocates will be happy to get back with you and discuss "Parent Coaching."


"You think you are doing everything right for your child.  I made the first step to reach out, and Laura was willing to spend time explaining each step along the way.  Our main goal was to keep our child home with us.  My suggestion.  Try the coaching.  We are thankful for Charted Waters, and Laura.  What a blessing.  She is now part of our family."

Liz, 2018


1:  Is it cost effective?  When compared to Therapeutic Boarding Schools, it is much more cost effective.  

2:  How do the kids respond?  Typically they respond well.  They are just as tired of their behavior as you are.  

3:  How long does it take?  Usually 2-4 months.  Longer if necessary.  We can detail and design exactly what is needed up front so there are no surprises.