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J, Roseville, California

Friends:  We all know someone who has a teen or young adult who is crying out for help. Maybe it's our neighbor, our friend, our own family who is at a loss and can't find the answers. PLEASE read this review I wrote from personal experience and you will understand why I cannot recommend enough Laura LJ Moussakhani and Charted Waters. Forward this to someone you know who needs it. Their family will be changed forever. Trust me.
My review of Laura and Charted Waters:
Laura LJ Moussakhani has made a life-long impact in my immediate family, as well as others I know personally. Her ability to reach teens of all kinds of backgrounds and varying degrees of turmoil, trauma, addiction is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Her genuine care and concern is evident in every aspect of treatment. She has been able to help mediate relationships to reconciliation that seemed unrepairable and beyond hope. She has been able to educate parents on healthy coping skills for themselves that, in turn, are modeled for their children. She has a vast and very deep knowledge of addiction and the devastation that it can bring to families, and has the same amount of knowledge to help teens and young adults walk in sobriety, and for families to heal and set up healthy relationships. Her no-nonsense, but kindhearted demeanor is very effective when speaking with youth who appreciate an adult who treats them with respect, but won’t be fooled. She calls these young ones up higher and speaks the truth of who they are today and how bright their future is.
We have personally seen and experienced all of these attributes first hand in either our own family or direct close relations.
We cannot recommend Laura and her team enough. And we can honestly say, a family will be transformed.
This transformation is in direct proportion to the amount of willingness each parent has to forgive their child and to admit their own personal and parental failures, and to do the work to implement the tools Laura and team gives.
We will forever be grateful to Laura and Charted Waters for helping us and others heal, reconcile, and grow the most important relationships around us. Thank you!!

**Laura is able to help people all across the country. Don't let geography stop you!